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As an agency, we have created and executed campaigns with a variety of creators across multiple niches. With Short-form content as the primary focus of our agency, we work with our partners to develop rollout plans and extensive social media strategies for long-term success.

Paid media alone is no longer enough to compete within today's market, whereas influencer marketing, especially when combined with white-listing ads, offers a positive ROI resulting in brands increasing their budgets 20% year on year.

TikTok SEO is slowly becoming more prominent on the platform with 40% of 18-24 year olds, when looking for a place to go or eat, turning to TikTok over Google. "TikTok made me buy it."

56% of TikTok users said ads on the video creation platform lead them to discover new brands or products, while 48% said they were interested in making a purchase from or on TikTok in the next three months.

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Short form specialization

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At Havick Media,
we specialize in Creator and Brand Strategy. Having extensive knowledge in the social media space, our expertise range from Talent Management, Music Promotion and Brand Activations.

We are passionate about crafting memorable initiatives around the artists, brands and creators we work with.

We primarily focus on curating strategic campaigns, creating world-class content, and representing the top-performing talents worldwide.

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